Keap (Formerly Infusionsoft) - Summer 2017 - Current

I’m working on some really great product innovations at Keap. Stay tuned!

Tallwave Fall 2013 - Summer 2017

Tallwave was a great place to work. I was energized daily by the influx of new and interesting projects. Tallwave really understood the importance of customer experience design. Building empathy with customers’ consumers taught me new and exciting insights to drive performance of my designs.

Note: I’m including my time at 29th Drive and Ethology into this as my team was acquired twice, ultimately by Tallwave.

Big Projects

Open Source

6 years at U-Haul

The big takeaway from my time at U-Haul was the importance of well-designed systems in the customer experience. In addition to tuning the front-end experience at based on research, we found and executed several improvements to the in-store experience by tuning or creating better applications for employees to use.

Big Projects

  • Tuning based on research, making it mobile-friendly.
  • Internal apps ranging from reports, to warehouse management, to a parking space sharing app, to a reservation management system.
  • U-Haul Car Share: Guiding the launch of a new service line.
  • Supergraphics: Designing and building educational mini-sites, an accompanying phone app, and content management system.

Freelancing & Owning/Operating Streak Creative

As a (former) freelancer, I developed a lot of my web design and programming skills on smaller projects. Later on, I founded Streak Creative Technology Services LLC with a friend of mine. Through that experience, I learned about starting, owning, and running a business. Streak was always a side project for me, and I wound down the business shortly after starting at Ethology (29th Drive).

2 Years at NAU

My time at the NAU Marketing Department taught me that in design, the details really matter. It sounds really foundational, and it is, but it’s something that’s only really learned by having a superior designer critique your work over and over until you get it right. This job is also where I picked up proficiency in several of the Adobe tools.

Bachelor or Fine Arts in Visual Communication from NAU

In 2006, I earned a BFA in Visual Communication with emphasis in Graphic Design from Northern Arizona University.

Miscellanious Jobs

I’ve been working since I turned 16. A lot of those years were spent at “entry-level” jobs while I was in school. Nevertheless, I learned a lot!

Domino’s Pizza

I worked every non-management position from customer service to delivery. The key takeaway from this job was that customer experience is important from the time the phone is answered to skillfully executing the order, to the demeanor of the delivery driver.

Blockbuster Video (Remember them?)

One summer in college, I worked at Blockbuster video. As a customer service person, I learned the ability to connect customers with products based on their interests and personality — like a video rental sommelier. This was the beginning of my interest in customer empathy.

Arcade Attendant

In high school, I worked a year as an arcade attendant. I learned a lot about basic job skills and the value of integrity.